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Authorized Factory Training Mosier Fluid Power, Controls and Automation Authorized Stocking Distributor
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Fluid Power Products

Norgren, Inc.  Norgren, Inc.
 Air Line Filters, Regulators, Lubricators
 Pneumatic Valves
 Pneumatic Tube Fittings
 Pneumatic Cylinders
 Special Purpose Actuators
 Safety Lock-Out / Tag-Out Controls
 Fluid Control Valves
 Pressure Switches

Fuji Electric   Hansen Couplings
 Pneumatic Quick Disconnects
 Hydraulic Quick Disconnects
 Water, Gas, Liquid Quick Disconnects
 Safety Couplings  Fluid Couplings
 Fittings and Accessories

Precision Dynamics, Inc. Precision Dynamics
 Solenoid Control Valves
 2- and 3-way Miniature Solenoid Valves
 Manifold Assemblies  Fluidic Systems

Allenair Corp.     Allenair Corp.
 Pneumatic Brass Cylinders
 Indexing Tables  Solenoid Valves
 Pneumatic Valves  Valve Manifolds

American Air Cylinder  American Cylinder
 Low Profile Cylinders
 Non Repairable Air Cylinders
 Linear Slide Cylinders  Tie Rod Cylinders
 Right Angle Flow Controls

Quincy Ortman      Quincy Ortman
 Pneumatic Cylinders (NFPA)
 Hydraulic Cyclinders (NFPA)
 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Actuators
 Light Duty Hydraulic Actuators
 Light Duty Air/Hydraulic Actuators
 Spacesaver Cylinders

Lexair, Inc.       Lexair, Inc.
 Pneumatic Valves
 Water, Gas, Liquid Control Valves
 Poppet Valves  Shuttle Valves
 Directional Control Valves 
 Solenoid Operators

Mazzer, Inc.      Mazzer, Inc. English and Metric Tubing
 Hydraulic Hoses  Ball Valves
 3-Way Slide Valves

Master Pneumatic     Master Pneumatic, Inc.
 SERV-OIL Lubrication Systems
 Filters  Regulators

Specialty Products

Rexroth Bosch Group   Rexroth Bosch Workstation Assemblies 
 Machine Guards 
 Aluminum Structural Framing Systems 

Cooper Industries      Cooper Tools
 Gardener Denver Assembly Tools
 Dotco Material Removal Tools
 Buckeye Airfeed Drills, Fixtures
 Hoist, Rotary Vane Hoist, Piston Hoist
 Hoist Tractors

Sugino Corp.      Sugino Corp.
 Selfeed Drills - Air & Electric
 Lead Screw Synchro - Tappers
 Mechatric Lead Screw Drills
 Multi-spindle Drill/Tap Heads

Busch, Inc.    Busch, Inc.
 Rotary Vane Vacuum pumps (R5)
 Once Through Sealing Vacuum Pumps
 Dry Screw Vacuum Technology (COBRA)
 Complete Central Vacuum Systems
 Vacuum Pump Repair Services

Mountz, Inc.     Mountz, Inc.
 Torque Monitoring Equipment
 Pneumatic and Electric High Torque Tools
 Torque Multipliers
 Torque Analyzer Equipment
 Electric Assembly Tools

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